Insurance Solutions

When acquiring insurance products we use our sister company Symbiotic Insurance Solutions, Inc., an independent insurance agency dedicated to acquiring the optimal products for our clients’ individual situations. Unlike most insurance agents who must go through an FMO/IMO (Field/Independent Marketing Organization) to contract with the various insurance carriers, Symbiotic Insurance Solutions, Inc. is a member of a very exclusive high-volume producer group. This elite producer-group gives Symbiotic Insurance Solutions, Inc. the best of both worlds:

  • The versatility of a boutique independent agency able to easily adapt our carrier/product preferences as the industry naturally evolves
  • The collective bargaining power of a major institution yet without all conflicts of interests inherent in most FMOs/IMOs, who often have “sweetheart deals” with one or two specific insurance carriers and push their agents in this direction.

Through our membership in this elite producer-group, our clients often enjoy the following:

  • More objective company/product selection since we have the top level direct contracts with over 25 major insurance carriers, rather than a “sweetheart relationship” with a select few
  • Special underwriting concessions based on our coalition’s collective clout with highly-rated carriers
  • Early awareness of the industry’s latest product innovations
  • Integration of products with cutting-edge strategies through idea-sharing in ongoing focus groups and study groups.

When health is not an issue, we are committed to educating our clients about the “best of breed” products for their particular goal. When underwriting issues do exist, we pride ourselves on scouring the market and shopping our clients’ situations anonymously to a number of quality carriers in order to secure them efficient pricing. By relentless shopping and proper framing of the issues in question, we have regularly acquired favorable rating classes for our clients in situations where they had been previously declined or negatively rated when applying through other agents.

Life insurance and disability insurance solutions may enhance the following situations:

For Families

  • Income replacement for survivors
  • Immediate estate creation
  • Mortgage/Debt Elimination
  • Estate Liquidity and Estate Equalization (for estates rich with illiquid assets)
  • Special Needs Planning
  • College Planning
  • Charitable Planning (some supporting retirement)
  • Building Their Own Banking reserve fund

For Business

  • Key Man Insurance
  • Funding Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Immediate Debt Elimination
  • Executive Compensation Programs
  • Business Succession Programs
  • Building their own Private Banking Mechanism