Business Planning Overview

Unlike most financial planners, we at Balanced Plan Financial fully understand that a business owner’s best rate of return will almost always come from within their business. There they have more access, knowledge, and control than they do with the financial markets. That said, we specialize in engineering strategies that put a strong emphasis on principal protection, tax efficiency, and layers of asset protection while keeping the owner’s eventual business exit strategy in mind.

The business is the engine that fuels the owner’s wealth building. However, we often find the majority of their wealth is concentrated inside their business, where most of the risk also resides. We encourage our entrepreneur clients to create a level of separation and to take some winnings off the table to bolster their personal balance sheet. We strive to create layers of tax sheltering and asset protection around this personal wealth while keeping sufficient liquidity available should they need to reinvest in their most prized asset – the business.